We made it! A wonderful $200 donation from Matt Baskerville of Baskerville-Reeves Funeral Homes helped us reach our goal!

And right behind that was a timely and generous contribution of $200 from Melanie Bell, as well as a very generous check in the amount of $500 (which had been delayed in the mail) from our friends at R.W. Patterson Funeral Home and Crematory.

Our sincere thanks to you all!

The Bohemian National of Braidwood is at “that age” (136 years old) when some of our trees need big help.

Please take a look at the pictures below. Some trees have branches that are dead and ready to come down, and others have “passed on” and need to be fully removed. We have been addressing this problem little by little for the last few years with branches (some REALLY LARGE) and some full trunks down. But now we must get in front of the problem to prevent injury to families and visitors as well as damage to monuments.

Will you please help? We must raise $4,500 (four thousand, five hundred dollars) as soon as possible to bring in a professional tree company.

We have reached our goal as of 7:25pm June 30! Thanks to all!

Tomorrow, July 1 director and sexton Kerry Sharp will schedule the tree company to get to work!

  • 630-832-7654 x4 (Ed or Donna in the office)
  • (email)
  • Or — Click the PayPal link below (PayPal or all major charge cards)

Summer 2021 Tree Drive Donors:

Richard LadeMichelle WilsonFamily of Arthur R. Trotter
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph McConaughyLorraine BayneKathleen Carpenter
Mary MosherSue CholekFrank Nimeth Jr.
Donald CervenkaDeb LieserHarvey Kowaloff
LuAnn BolattoPamela M.
Dell Aquila
Amanda DeFore
Laura StephensRuth A. EvertsKaren Decker
Jennifer BayerEleonore BrtvaKathy Brown
Darlene BlakeSheila WillisMary Eller
Janeen BruunShirley StaceyAdam Beaty
Matt Baskerville
Baskerville-Reeves Funeral Homes
Melanie BellSara Foote
R.W. Patterson Funeral Home and Crematory
Our sincere thanks for your generosity and support!

And remember, we are a 501.c.13 not-for-profit cemetery. Your donation may be tax-deductible. Please check with your tax professional.

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